Rabu, 29 Oktober 2008

Mr.Insaf: The Family Man

And the last Russian man I will tell is: Mr. Insaf! His full name is: Galiev Insaf. I’ll call him as a family man. Believe me, he is a truly gentleman. He is the one who speaks in English. He is very helpful. He treats me very well. And he has very good smile. Everytime he see me, he always say: Hello tifa, how are you? (I miss that greeting).

In 31 years old, he becomes a head of the department for the International and Intermunicipal Cooperation. Smart guy, isn’t he??

Mr. Insaf told me about Kremlin in Kazan. And he promised me to send a photo of Kazan. Because of his story, I dream about it. I really really want to go there. (I must go there some day). Unfortunately, I don’t have time to tell about solo. We are very bussy and he is too tired to have a serious conversation with me.

One day, if I have a scholarship in Russia, I will go to Kazan. I will go to Bolgar. I want to pray in Bolgar’s Mosque. I believe: if there is a will, there is a way. I want to see snow in Kazan and Bolgar. And I want to feel their hospitality.

Last but not least: I miss them all. I want to say thank you for everything. See you in Russia! Amin.


Finally! 28 October is coming! WHC program is over! I’m happy I can do my job well. Otherwise, there is sadness when I say good bye to my guests. I almost cried. I love them all. Mr. Rafael and Mr. Yurij are nice guys. They accept me very well. They trust me as their assistant is more than enough for me. They make me feel honored.

Mr. Rafael kissed my hand when I gave his keris. Because he thought that he would lost that stuffs. From that moment I really really realize that hospitality is everything. That’s why I feel honored. His acceptance made my job became easier. Unfortunately I can not ask him about Bolgar. He can not speak in English. He just speak in Russian. (now, I have difficulties if I want to send him a letter. I’m afraid he can not understand what I’m talking about in my letter).

And, here come Mr. Yurij. I’ll tell you my story about Mr. Yurij. First time I saw him, he was very cool. He didn’t give me smile. At all. I wonder, how come this cute guy never gives smile to young beautiful lady. (hahahahaha). Actually, its not my business. But, I feel uncomfortable. By respecting Mr. Yurij, so I can respect Mr. Rafael. Besides that, Mr. Yurij is also my guest. So, I had to make them comfortable as good as I can. Time by time, he smiles at me. Thank god! Believe me! Making somebody smile at you isn’t easy thing. You have to work hard for it.

I know they surprised when I talk in Russian. This is my first sentence: No afto Buse, means: go back to the bus. They laugh!!! And then they call me: Russian woman (they also call me: good woman). Hahahaha. I have one lesson from that moment: language is everything. Besides smile, you have to show your willingness to understanding somebody else. This is part of hospitality! Language is a part of somebody’s soul. Language is an identity. By talking in their language, you get half of their soul. Even just a little bit.

Mr. Rafael gave me a poster. I want to put that poster in my wall. So I can see it and wish to god that I can go over there. (but his poster is too big for my wall. So I have to think about a way to put it on).