Rabu, 29 Oktober 2008

Mr.Insaf: The Family Man

And the last Russian man I will tell is: Mr. Insaf! His full name is: Galiev Insaf. I’ll call him as a family man. Believe me, he is a truly gentleman. He is the one who speaks in English. He is very helpful. He treats me very well. And he has very good smile. Everytime he see me, he always say: Hello tifa, how are you? (I miss that greeting).

In 31 years old, he becomes a head of the department for the International and Intermunicipal Cooperation. Smart guy, isn’t he??

Mr. Insaf told me about Kremlin in Kazan. And he promised me to send a photo of Kazan. Because of his story, I dream about it. I really really want to go there. (I must go there some day). Unfortunately, I don’t have time to tell about solo. We are very bussy and he is too tired to have a serious conversation with me.

One day, if I have a scholarship in Russia, I will go to Kazan. I will go to Bolgar. I want to pray in Bolgar’s Mosque. I believe: if there is a will, there is a way. I want to see snow in Kazan and Bolgar. And I want to feel their hospitality.

Last but not least: I miss them all. I want to say thank you for everything. See you in Russia! Amin.

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ARdi mengatakan...

You're lucky to have the experience and the network. I wish I could have the same fortune.

jemz_rules mengatakan...

that's really a cool experience...